Environmental Policy Statement

As a responsible service provider to commercial and industrial sector Aussie Commercial Cleaning has made a commitment to reduce the use of chemicals which may harm the environment. We operate in a manner which protects and look after the environment all the time.

Our policy and procedure set to protect the environment is very clear:

Environmental Policy Statement-We train our staff of their responsibilities towards protecting the environment

-We use environmental friendly chemicals product & machinery where it is possible and disposing the cleaning chemicals in a manner to minimize the effect to the environment

-We are selective of using of high emission and energy consuming machinery to prevent the pollution

-Awareness of staff & contactors to be conscious about the usage of the water and recycle in best possible ways.

-Educate and promote methods to our clients to improve  and minimize their impact on the environmental their day to day activities

-We follow the correct rubbish disposal procedure  and recycling paper products and recycling waste accordingly

-The management and staff meet quarterly to measuring and audit all our activities to minimize and to improve our impact to the environment.

The management of Aussie Commercial Cleaning complies with relevant government legislation s to keep our environment safe for our future generation. Top

Occupation & health and Safety Policy

Aussie Commercial Cleaning is fully committed to the provision of the highest level of occupational health & safety to its entire staff, clients & general public.

The objectives of our OH&S policy are to prevent or minimize any occupational health and safety hazard by:Occupation & health and Safety Policy-Implement safe systems of work with in work place

-Identify any potential hazards and minimize the workplace injuries.

-Provide and maintain safe cleaning equipments and machinery.

-All staff are inducted on work sites, instructions provided to improve and understand the workplace safety and the importance of following the rules and regulations and methods to reduce the risk of any injury.

-We get the contribution of our employees in the OH & S decision making process with their experience in work sites by regular communication and feedback.

-To make the health and safety an integral part of the day to day workplace.

-Ensure “Health and Safety Principles” are carried out at all premises for all individuals.

-Maintain information and records relating to employees’ health and safety. Top


Quality Policy Statement

Our experienced management and staff have demonstrated over years that they are able to plan, control and coordinate from the smallest tasks to the largest of project.

Each year with new experience and new clients, we plan our strategy to provide a best quality service. We always look for better communication and planning methods to suit the industry.

Our main objectives in the trade are to:

Quality Policy Statement-Understand the potential client needs by regular communication & study of the work place to fulfill their requirements and objectives from a cleaning organization.

-Maintain regular management and supervision on current client base by regular quality control inspections and collecting feedbacks to understand any concerns.

-Use the feedbacks and quality control measures to maintain, monitor, review, audit and continually improve the quality of the service.

-Based on feed backs, regular training programs are to be implemented to deliver a best service to our clients

-Hold regular group meetings and trainings to the senior management, supervisors, and employees to improve skills and responsiveness of any quality control matter.

-Highlight potential issues and take necessary action to provide a suitable resolution to overcome any problems to maximize clients’ satisfaction.

-Adapt and innovate new systems to fit company policies and improve the current systems to provide a better service.

-Evaluate and update the current quality assurance policy to ensure a high quality management system. Top


Training Policy

Aussie Commercial Cleaning understands how important it is to have skillful employees to maintain a high quality standard in cleaning industry.

To maintain the high standards, we provide ongoing training to our staff by following programs.

Training Policy-Safety

-Machinery and usage
-Chemical and usage
-Hands on involvements in basic skills and special cleaning methods
-Fundamentals and concepts of Aussie Commercial Cleaning-Communication
-Client relationship and requirements. Top



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Aussie commercial cleaners understands how important it is to have skill full employees and contractors to maintain a high quality standard in cleaning industry.
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